Childbirth education


It all started when...

Childbirth educator Kyra Caruso CD(Dona), LCCE, CLC offers intimate two-evening or one afternoon childbirth education sessions. The classes can be arranged according to individual schedules.

The sessions cover some of the following topics: 

  • Normal physiology of birth: Stage 1 of labor (early labor, active labor & transition); Stage 2 of labor (pushing & birth of your baby); Stage 3 of labor (delivery of the placenta, the golden hour); Stage 4 (postpartum period & breastfeeding)
  • Medical interventions during pregnancy, labor and birth
  • Natural ways of getting ready for birth
  • Practice of birth positions & relaxation techniques
  • Childcare throughout the postpartum period

Location: can be arranged individually. Kyra Caruso sometimes offers classes through The New York Doula and NMPP.